Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor (CuRvE)

The purpose of the Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor, Inc., popularly known as CuRvE,  is based on a recognition of the unique features of this wonderful area:

  • A picturesque, rock-bottomed river—the Tuckaseigee—flowing through the center of Cullowhee and hosting some of the best fly fishing in the world.
  • Pristine mountains that provide an outstanding climate, spectacular views, and encounters with diverse wildlife throughout the year.
  • Southern Appalachian & Cherokee cultures with their rich influences on literature, music, arts & crafts, and the fine foods that are grown on local farms.
  • Western Carolina University—an institution with more than 9,000 students that enriches the region with knowledge, diversity, and economic vitality.

The CuRvE Mission Statement:

Cullowhee Revitalization, Inc., (CuRvE) is a community organization whose mission is to facilitate the beautification and revitalization of the downtown Cullowhee area extending along Old Cullowhee Road and leading up to the former main entrance to the campus of Western Carolina University.

The Vision:

  • Expanded and new dining, shopping and entertainment venues
  • Paths connecting downtown Cullowhee to the future Jackson County Greenway
  • Sidewalks that connect downtown Cullowhee to Western Carolina University A river park with fishing spots, picnic tables, trails and whitewater 'park and play" recreation area

Find out how you can help CuRvE at our Volunteer page, or send comments or questions to